Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And So It Begins......

Greetings fellow internet users. Useless Keys are 24 hours away from playing our inaugural show and we're feeling quite satisfied. After months of writing, rehearsing, procrastinating, sleeping, working, running, transporting, lifting, pondering, dreaming, drinking, avoiding, and accepting, we are ready to start performing. We do hope you enjoy the ride. Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times while it's moving, and in the event of an emergency, please remain calm and wait for instructions that will be transmitted to through the loud speakers.

As for personal information that can be divulged, Useless Keys is comprised of Guylaine Vivarat (bass, vocals), Rory Modica (drums, vocals), Michael Regilio (guitar, keys, vocals) and Michael Bauer (guitar, vocals). I'm pretty sure that all 4 of us want Barack Obama to become president in January of next year. It seems to me that rich Americans have had an ample amount of time to fill their treasure chests over the past 8 years and 2008 is the year that we make the playing field a little less lopsided. All 4 of us enjoy enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage, so we got that going for us, which is nice. We enjoy three part harmonies, even when one of us is notoriously off mark. Practice makes perfect, right? I'm trying, lord knows I'm trying.

Just for the record, Regilio's last name is pronounced- rah-jill-e-o. He hates it when people mispronounce his last name and harbors ill will until they make the correction, so you better get it right.

Okay, enough small talk. I'm sure we'll have something for you to buy soon. For now, just come to our show tomorrow at Spaceland. Rock and roll forever.