Monday, January 24, 2011

"We're gothic/post-chillwave funk."

Hey there world. This is Michael Bauer reporting from Useless Keys headquarters. It's been a while since we updated this blog. You might be asking yourself, "Why the long delay, Michael?" Well, I'll tell you why. WE'VE BEEN BUSY DOING SHIT! :)

We started recording our debut full length earlier this month with Sheldon Gomberg and Rick Parker. Those dudes know how to record killer jams. We have no idea how many songs will be on the final product, when it'll be released, the title of the record but I can share with you the names of a few, new tentatively titled songs; "Dream in Red", "Sympathetic/Pathetic", and "Sea Bells".

San Diego has been treating us well as of late; I really love playing in that city. Maybe we've just hit a string of lucky shows down there lately, but the vibe of the crowds have been so welcoming and appreciative that San Diego now has a warm place in my heart. Thanks to dudes in Beautiful View for inviting us down, we appreciate it.

Last week our song "Is The Painting Changing" was played on MTV's Jersey Shore. We uploaded the song to our myspace page, click here to listen.

Tonight we're playing a show at Commonwealth Lounge in Fullerton. The show is free. Thursday we're playing with Shadow Shadow Shade, Great Northern and Wet and Reckless at Satellite/Spaceland in Silverlake. Show is only $5 if you rsvp on the Facebook invite page or email Get there early because we play at 9pm, new songs will be in the set and you don't want to wait in a long ass line to get inside.

In March we have shows in Costa Mesa with Asobi Seksu and Braids (3/10 at Detroit Bar) and in Phoenix (3/15 at Sail Inn).

Here's some pictures I took over the past week from our recording sessions. Enjoy. More to come soon.....

This is where Regilio records demos.

This is where I record demos.

Day 1: Jerry's starter doesn't work

Jerry's car is subsequently towed.

Jerry's doesn't get upset by machines breaking, he's still kind.

Sheldon produces.

Jerry's drums, regular picture.

Jerry's drums through the hipster filter camera.

Where I scratch vocalize.

Where Regilio stands.

Down time.

Life is ticking by.

It's important to be organized.

Professional recording tools.

Control the room.



Red, Blue, ORANGE.

Rick produces.