Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"It's just that......I think you'd really like us."

Last week, our debut EP "Is The Painting Changing" was released digitally on iTunes, Amazon and all other digital outlets. We just received the physical CD edition (I have 1,000 cds sitting in 3 boxes in the middle of my studio apartment) and we'll have it for sale at our upcoming residency at The Echo in Echo Park; the CD is currently for sale at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. Finally. I'm happy that we have officially released music into the universe. I feel like a farmer that worked hard cultivating a strip of land and just planted his seeds in the ground. Time to water.

It's been rainy in Los Angeles over the past two weeks. I notice a direct correlation between rainy weather and time spent reading. Hopefully it rains a little bit more before the spigot is turned off on Southern California for another 9 months and we're all encouraged to go outside and hike and enjoy our dry, sunny paradise once again. Here's a photo by Fiona Laughlin. Guylaine looks hot.

Till next time, folks. Listen to KCRW tonight with Chuck P, we're playing an acoustic set. His show starts at midnight. If you miss it, check out the podcast. Rock on and see you on Mondays at The Echo this month. Let's drink beer, listen to loud rock and roll and have fun living!