Saturday, August 2, 2008

What does the goddamn line say Tony?

Danger week has continued to roll along for Useless Keys. Yesterday, Regilio managed to smack his shin into a fire hydrant as Guylaine and I strolled along the Venice boardwalk with him. He hobbled around for the remainder of the day. Later in the evening upon returning to his apartment, he tripped down some steps and faceplanted himself on his driveway. I guess you could say I "got caught up in the spirit of things" and sprained my ankle falling down a small set of stairs shortly thereafter. If you are ever in the Atwater Village neighborhood, I'm certain I'd be easy to spot these days; I'm the guy waddling down the sidewalk like a penguin, tending to a twisted ankle and a broken back.

Guylaine had a show last night with Sky Parade at a new venue in LA (Il Corral's old space) where she successfully blew out her eardrums. The room was all brick, incredibly narrow and her head was positioned inches away from a crash cymbal for 45 minutes. No one ever said that being a rock n' roller was easy.

Musically, UK's have been preparing new songs and tightening the set in preparation for our August shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles. We are playing at Cafe Du Nord on August 8th and Spaceland on August 29th. Our set time for both of the shows is 9:30pm. There's also been recent chatter concerning t-shirts in Camp UK. Be on the lookout for those. I hear they are Christmas 2008's "Ultimate Stocking Stuffer".

Lastly, UK's have been enamored over the past 24 hours by yet another youtube video. Meet Jack Rebney. He likes to cuss. "Get outta here you fucking flies." Personally, my favorte moment of the video is when Jack says to Tony, "Thank you very much, I appreciate that Tony, don't slam the fucking door!"

m to the b.

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