Friday, November 13, 2009


We here at USELESS KEYS INC. have been kicking serious booty as of late.

We went to New York for 3 shows in late September; ate pizza, walked countless miles of sidewalks for hours on end, hung out at Whole Foods off Houston frequently, didn't sleep, discovered that while the NY subway system is an efficient way to transport one's self, the underground air travelers are forced to breathe is hot and disgusting, met our new manager Mary Rahmani (woot!), and managed to make it back to Los Angeles in one piece. Here's a picture of Guylaine doing what she does (being fucking awesome) at the Mercury Lounge:

Last Saturday night we finished mixing our debut EP with Rick Parker (Von Bondies, BRMC) that will be entitled "Is The Painting Changing". The EP is currently shaping up for a late January/early February release. "Is The Painting Changing" will have 4 tracks.

1. White Noise
2. Down Threw
3. Arizona State Highway
4. Is The Painting Changing

Here's a look at the artwork for the EP which was created by David Klein (Billygoat).

Here's a picture of us before our Halloween show in Highland Park with Happy Hollows, Tasso and Ovideo. We went as a German Electro-band from the 70's:

Useless Keys will be planning an EP release show, more out of town dates, radio shows and a tour to the Northwest over the next couple months. I leave you all with this video that encaptures the excitement of St. Louis Blues hockey in January 1992. You get em Curtis.


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