Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's 83 degrees and sunny

I just watched the Karate Kid for the first time in a long time. For some reason I found it utterly amusing seeing Daniel Luruso getting his ass kicked numerous times by the Cobra Cai. His only retaliation at the "All Valley State Championship" was his pathetic Crane Kick. What a crock. Anyways, we have been super busy and just finished a month long residency at The Echo with a lot of great bands (Warpaint, Spirit Vine, Repeater, Free Energy, We Barbarians, Box Violet, Aushua etc). We had a blast. Kat Corbett has been playing "White Noise" and we can't thank her enough for the support.

We are finishing up 3 new songs @ Carriage House studios right now with our good friend engineer/producer extraordinaire Sheldon Gomberg. Even though these recording sessions are filled with Makers Mark we have been on point and nailing take after take. On a side note never buy a bottle of wine that's brand name is "Diablo Creek", really?

We're playing a handful of LA shows in May and heading up to the Northwest the first weekend of June to play in Seattle and Portland. We're also looking into some dates in Phoenix and Tucson for late May. Check out our myspace page for show dates.

What's Good:

The Clash: Sandinista
NWA: Straight outta Compton
South Park: new season
At The Drive-In: Relationship of Command
Ella Fitzgerald: anything.

What's Bad:

Diablo Creek's Pinot Noir
Eating Fish N' Chips 15 mins before you hit the stage
Daniel Laruso's crane kick
Not Huey Lewis's 1983 album "Sports"

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