Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Silverlake Lounge with Twilight Sleep THIS MONDAY

We're playing a free show next Monday at the Silverlake Lounge for Twilight Sleep's August Residency there. Our set time is 10pm. Show is free. We'll be playing some new material. We've booked a number of shows in August including San Diego and Phoenix dates and our own residency on Saturdays in August at Casey's Bar in downtown LA. Check out our myspace page for more dates and info.

In other thoughts, I've been thinking a lot lately about how we as human beings have evolved directly from Earth. I was laying in bed, breathing the other day and as I noticed my chest rise and fall with each breath, I thought about how much our respiratory and circulatory systems and sleep patterns have in common with Earth. Ice caps melt and freeze and melt and freeze with each passing summer and winter. Waves form, crash ashore and recede back into the ocean and repeat. We breathe in and breathe out, breathe in, breathe out while our heart pumps blood through our body much the same as the currents of the ocean have a natural flow or the mantle underneath the earth's crust flows. We plan our whole lives around Earth's 24 hour rotation, adhering to a daily routine of going to sleep at a particular time in Earth's daily rotation and waking at another specific time in the rotation. I've heard arguments that we as humans may be Earth's attempt to reproduce other Earth-like planets; we are suppose to spread to Mars, build an atmosphere, colonize, build a brother/sister to Earth. Anyways, if depression is a feeling of estrangement from humanity or a feeling of disconnect from others and/or the universe, it's healthy to think about things like this, how much we are connected to Earth. We're just a very small piece in a very large process. It should make us less lonely, right? DEEEEEEP THOUGHTS....:) Silverlake Lounge, Monday, FREE.

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docrivs said...

Yes, if more people would be more aware of the kinds of connections you described, then more people would have the chance to feel connected. If more people had the chance to feel connected, then there would be far less loneliness in the world. It's important to recognize the connection between ourselves and the earth, the cosmos, and such, but it's also really, really important to recognize the connections between ourselves and other humans. It's easy for people to get distracted and confused and then communities and entire continents of people become divided. The gods of war emerge and the blood spills, all due to our willingness to be exploited by those who are willing to commit atrocities.

I assume you're Mike B. I'm Jay Rivers, a friend of Regilio's, from Marblehead. We were in middle school together. You guys have a great band. I love your music. It's beautiful music. Music helps me feel connected. Without it I don't know what would have became of me, but I'm glad that it is there for me.