Monday, February 21, 2011



Mixing makes your head spin. We're knee deep in new recordings and haven't been doing much other than focusing on that. We have a show coming up at Detroit Bar with Asobi Seksu on March 10th, a show in Phoenix at Sail Inn on March 15th, a show in Fullerton at The Slidebar on March 22nd and more recording in our future.

This is the first time I've ever been in a project where writing, recording, mixing, learning how to play new songs live has all been occurring simultaneously. Generally throughout my musical career, the path has been linear: go write some songs, learn how to play them live, play a bunch of live shows, schedule recording time, go record the songs you've been playing for months, after recording mix the songs, get it mastered, etc... UK's have been taking a new approach where we never stop recording, never stop writing, never stop mixing, play live shows in between, write demos at 4am, record a song from 2 years ago, record a song from 2 days ago, it's much more liberating, pressure relieving and fun this way.

So far we have 6 songs under our belt with Sheldon Gomberg and Rick Parker and the writing/recording/mixing shows no sign of stopping. The working titles we have for the new recordings thus far are:

Sea Bells
Radiation Burns
Arizona State Highway
Static Friends
You Said You'd Never

The title "Sea Bells" evolved quite a bit, maybe it will evolve more. I originally called the song "Wedding Bells", then "Church Bells" basically because my sweeping guitar and Regilio's guitar line made me recall the church bells I'd hear in my old neighborhood when I was out playing in the street as a kid. Regilio being the devout atheist that he is took issue with that title and subsequently it became "Mary Star of the Sea Bells", then was shortened to "Sea Bells".

Recording demos in my studio apartment in Atwater Village.

This is how I spent a recent Friday night. (I bought at 30 pack of Miller Lite)

I listened to a lot of Rolling Stones in the plane on my trip to St. Louis last weekend.

It's my Arch. Mine.

See you all soon.


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