Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spaceland 8.29.08 Blog

Nothing is better than starting a 3 day weekend (due to Labor day) off with a good ol Rock Show. I was the first UK member to arrive at the club at around 7:15ish. LSD and M.Mortals were already there, sound checking and I just sat there and chilled and waited for my other tardy band members to arrive. I was angered that the bar was not open yet but that would soon change. Guylaine arrives 2nd and we chat with the other bands for a while and decide to smoke a cigarette outside in which I see Bauer rolling down Silverlake Blvd blasting NWA's - Straight Outta Compton (not really, but would of been alot cooler if he did), Regilio shows up and bottoms out driving into Club Spaceland's semi vertical driveway entry which gave me a chuckle. We unload the equipment and sound check shortly after, things where sounding gooood. People started to show up at this point and the UK's stormed the bar to "loosen up" before hitting the stage. Mickey (our manager) and his twin bro showed up and i started to talk to them about Sarah Palin's physical attributes instead of political attributes (heh). Shelly (who is recording us at the moment) also arrived and seemed psyched to see us play the songs we've been recording in his studio live. As i head to the bar to grab a Jack and Coke i see Bauer leaving the bar with 2 whiskey's and a splash of water maybe? Idk, i noted this and used god's name in vein. More and more people started to show up and a nice crowd started to enter the venue. We took the stage at approx 9:40 and our setlist included..

Arizona State Highway
Down Threw
Radiation Burns
White Noise
It's All Made Up

As far as I'm concerned i thought we killed it, my bassdrum pedal kept falling off causing me to say "shit, fuck, shit, fuck" numerous times in between songs. Apparently i hit the drums to hard but who cares? My personal highlight was White Noise i thought it was the first time we played that song the way it should be live. During this song me and Regilio were on the verge of destroying our equipment but that may of not been a good idea.....We finished our set and some people in the crowd were yelling "Bauer Power" which made me crack up. Everyone in the UK party seemed pretty happy and satisfied. A good show, good turnout, now back to the Bar. I said Hi to some friends who showed up and bought 5 shots of tequila. Now this pisses me off. I grab 5 shots and only 3 people want to take the goddamn things. What am i going to let them sit there on the table and ferment? Fuck no, i drank them....Well I'm not sure exactly what happened to everyone else's night, I left early due to an explicit text message sent to me from a female in the crowd. I'm sure that everyone else got had a grand ol' time. Stay tuned for the next episode...

The Tony Danza of the AB Stanza,

Rory Modica

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Guylaine said...

Rory forgot the part where he bravely carried a big amp on his shoulder for the ladies in Warpaint -- guylaine