Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Been a Long Time Since I Rock and Rolled

Useless Keys have been holed up in a studio in Silver Lake with producer Sheldon Gomberg over the past couple months. He's been producing and engineering the shit out of several soon-to-be-massive UK hits. "White Noise" and "It's All Made Up" have been uploaded to our myspace page that you can visit by clicking here. We also uploaded a demo version of "Down Threw" for your listening pleasure. Here are some pictures from the studio and yes, that is a man playing a trumpet submerged in a bucket of water...

This is Sheldon Gomberg. His favorite things in life are ice cold horchatas, pizza with vegan friendly toppings, a solidly performed bass line and he absolutely loves it when I place a glass full of liquid on top of his mixing console. I mean if you really want to see him cheer up, give it a try.

Meet Michael Regilio world. He's always munching on something.

So, I guess it's been a while, right? Since we last talked, we played a show in Riverside, where Rory hung out in a very heterosexual bar, we played a monday night at Spaceland with Kenan Bell, played with Eagle Winged Palace at Echo Curio (debuted new songs there) and we just had a show at The Silverlake Lounge this past Tuesday. Here's a youtube clip from that show:

Mark Shovel from Indie 103.1 gave "It's All Made Up" a spin on his local show "Check One Two" last Sunday, so we got that going for us, which is nice. This Saturday we are playing an amazing show with a solid lineup at Pehrspace in Echo Park. We will be joined by Blackbird, Billygoat, Hello Dragon, and Summer Darling. For more show information please visit LA-Underground.

Lastly, Phil Collins kicks ass. Seriously. This dude cranked out hits in the 80's like a Coca Cola plant cranks out bottles of sugar water. Do yourself a favor and watch him give it his all in the videos below. Phil doesn't lack passion in his performance. Don't even get me started about his drum sounds.

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Guylaine said...

Fine, fine, fine.

If we're going to have Phil Collins on our blog then we have to have the Postal Service doing "Against all odds"